Chasing Davies: A birthday at 34 weeks pregnant

October 24, 2013

A birthday at 34 weeks pregnant

It's hard to muster up the energy to get out of the comfy pants, let alone the house and out to celebrate anything much these days.  The bump is in full force and totally bogging me down. I'm not sleeping hardly at all, thus I'm always tired. BUT when you have a good friend and her husband in town, tickets to see Wicked, a husband forcing you to dinner and awesome parents taking the toddler for the night... you find a way to celebrate your 31st birthday.  Though, I must admit, the day of celebration did not pass without a really good nap.

And so the day began with a certain toddler sleeping in until 8:10am, which meant we all slept until 8:10am - amazing!  We then all got ready and met our friends in town for brunch before they had to head back north to MN. We had a really good meal at Blue Bird Bistro, and to think, the last time I was there was for my baby shower for Liam a little over 2 years ago!  Breakfast included two orders of ciabatta french toast with a pecan butter spread, sweet potato and granola pancakes and biscuits and gravy with mushrooms.  Liam tried it all and was one happy camper, as were the rest of us.

brunch in kansas city
{Brunch Outfit Details: Old Sweater (similar); Maternity Denim Shirt; Maternity Pants (similar); Favorite Boots Ever (currently 15% off!); Necklace - J.Crew inspired via Ebay (similar or this one); Cross-body Bag}

It was a beautiful day, so we let Liam explore this little Westside area of our city a bit, which mainly meant watching a nearby truck pull Google Fiber and looking to the sky for airplanes. Then, we headed home for the aforementioned nap.  There is something about stealing a couple hours of daylight to close my eyes that makes me sleep more sound than during the night. I love opening the blinds, and even the windows if temps allow, to really feel the daylight as I sleep. It was a good nap for us all.

My dad came over to pick up mister Liam, who was excited to go hang out with his Papa and Mimi (always demands to go see them "right now") and go see the ducks!  Greg and I then went to dinner at Hotel Phillips' 12 Baltimore in downtown Kansas City.  I'd never eaten there, but was immediately excited by the very comfortable chairs! We sunk in, got comfy and had a full meal without having to entertain that beloved baby of ours. I had kind of forgotten what that was like. And though I miss Liam anytime I'm away from him, it was nice to be able to focus on Greg and my own meal. 

downtown dinner date
dinner at 12 baltimore kansas city

Post-dinner, we walked down the street to the Music Hall to see the musical, Wicked! I had been wanting to see this for sometime now, having heard nothing be great reviews from friends and family.  Greg got us tickets for my birthday, which I was very excited about!

 {see... proof I did take off the comfy pants and get ready}

{Night Date Outfit Details: Jacket - Old Navy (similar); Dress - ASOS (similar, this cute one or dressier version); Necklace via KC boutique, Tulip (same style, different color); Earrings; Flats; Lips; Clutch/Wallet}

Wicked did not disappoint. It was so fun, unexpected (because I didn't do much research into the plot line) and filled with really talented performers. It was a great birthday date, for sure!  We finished the night at home, back in the comfy pants, with brownies and ice cream.  Birthdays when you are hugely preggo aren't so bad after all.

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