Chasing Davies: 33 week along // getting sh*t done

October 15, 2013

33 week along // getting sh*t done

33 week pregnancy update

Good news, friends!  The past two weeks we've accomplished a lot!  After feeling overwhelmed and short on time two weeks ago with a list of way too many BIG things to do, I got really fired up to make a dent.  Here are some of the major things we have accomplished:

1. Attic: It helps to have an awesome mom, who helped me start cleaning out the attic.  We spent about 2.5 hours breaking down boxes, vacuuming and starting to go through items to donate, then she and my husband hauled it all away.  We plan to take another night to finish up with cleaning more stuff out for donation and organizing what's left.

2. We got Liam's new big boy room set up (with a few more decorative things still to do), but the main stuff done!  My husband spent several nights updating the electrical outlets in that room (grounding them and installing some kinda of safety outlets or something - electrical speak I do not make).  He also installed our new wood blinds in that room (now for the rest of the house...) and then my dad came over and helped him install a floating shelf! I transferred all Liam's little clothing, favorite books, toys and set up his reading and play nook {see a sneak peek of the room here}.

3. We transitioned Liam to him new room with new big boy bed and all! {more on that later}

4. I need a new car before baby #2 arrives, as my current one doesn't fit 2 car seats!  I got my current car cleaned, took it to CarMax for an initial estimate and sent out a bunch of emails to area dealers for quotes on the new car we're looking to get.  I'm currently going through those bids and working out the details... hope to have a new car in a week or so!

We still have a lot more to do... but all in all, that's progress!  With Liam in his new room, I can get to work on updating the nursery for baby girl.  And husband will be hanging blinds around our house for weeks...  I'll share both the nursery and Liam's new big boy room in more detail soon!

Oh and as far as my health... things have been good there, too. I started physical therapy and with doing all of the above house work, I've been pretty sore (hip and belly area), but I think PT is going to ultimately help.  I'll be going once a week until they deem otherwise. 

What are some important home updates or to-dos before you had your babies?

{Outfit Details: Denim Shirt (one of the few maternity pieces I own); Skirt; Boots (on sale!); Earrings}

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