Chasing Davies: 32 weeks along // hip aches & baby flipping

October 8, 2013

32 weeks along // hip aches & baby flipping

Seriously, never a dull moment this pregnancy!  This past week, two big things happened.  I've been having sciatica issues for a while now (discussed here), and my right hip has been majorly affected by it and the positioning of my stretched out baby.  It's so sore I can't sleep on it or stay in a position for long.  Last week, it became so sore it was hard to drive (move my foot from pedal to pedal - ridiculous!).  In hopes I can find some comfort these last 7 weeks and hopefully not cause any permanent damage, my doctor has me starting physical therapy this week.  The last time I did any sort of physical therapy was in high school, as a competitive swimmer for my shoulder!  I hope it's not as boring as that was...
And temporarily more painful, but way more exciting, I think this little lady flipped.  Instead of taking up my entire midsection by laying diagonal across my body, just last Thursday (starting while I was meeting Rebecca Minkoff and lasting the next few hours that night), I think the excruciating pressure, burning ribs and nausea was the result of her going head down and more vertical.  Once it was over, I actually felt more at ease and like I had more space to move and bend.  I even slept a bit better that night!  She has since stayed pretty much in that position, though still pushing her tush towards my right side, so my hip is still being affected and my right rib is now receiving some blows - but overall, so much more comfortable!
Regardless of her position, we'll still be adventuring down the scheduled c-section path due to learnings from my first 18+ hour labor-turned c-section.  My pelvic bone is too tilted and, while wide, the opening is oblong, not allowing a baby to pass through.  But it's nice to know she's snuggling up instead of stretched out at this point, as she grown a half a pound a week!
{Outfit Details: Baseball Tee - maternity/non-maternity short sleeve version; Maternity Pants - Loft (2 years ago/last pregnancy, similar pair); Boots; Watch}

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