Chasing Davies: 30 weeks along // a little peek at our little girl

September 24, 2013

30 weeks along // a little peek at our little girl

The turning of the weeks was an exciting one this time!  We got to get an ultrasound yesterday to check on little lady's position and growth.  I can't tell you how exciting it is to get a little glimpse (albeit blurry due to her constant movement) into what your child is shaping up to look like, reconfirm the gender (especially as the pink is starting to roll in) and the best part, double check her health. This little peek gave me that little nudge I'd needed after several rough weeks.  It's really a baby in there. And she's already forming a little personality.

Much like her brother, she is a mover, even at this young stage in her life. She was kicking, punching and turning her head - making it hard to get some good shots, though fun to watch live on the screen.  We saw that she has a lot of hair already, full lips and chubby cheeks!  She is measuring about a week ahead (though back at the beginning of all this, according to my cycle, I calculated a week ahead of the given due date, so maybe I'm right after all...), but all healthy and no concerns.  She is sure making plenty of space for herself in there (while she can) and laying diagonal.  Her head is under my left rib, while her little feet are actively kicking my right hip (so that's why that hip hurts so bad...).

{Outfit details: actually wearing maternity pants... but at least they are on trend with a little leather detail; neon sweater - Gap last year (similar); favorite flats; similar necklace}

Now, you be the judge on these sonogram photos - can you make out her face?  
Hint: She's looking out (forward-facing), at a slight angle and at the top:

 {her little profile}

P.S. A huge happy birthday to my husband!  We'll have a little birthday party tonight for him with our little family.  He had a fun weekend celebrating at a couple of sporting events - so tonight we're taking it easy by grilling out, a cake and singing (hopefully the practicing Liam and I have been doing will pay off)!

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