Chasing Davies: Good for the Soul: A Beach Vacation & Bachelorette Party

August 22, 2013

Good for the Soul: A Beach Vacation & Bachelorette Party

There is probably little else that can take my breath away, all while rejuvenating me in an instant, than the beach. The ocean, the sand, the sun and the salt air are a recipe for recovery after several stressful weeks.  The only thing that could have made this trip better was having my boys there with me, but in lieu of them, I had nine other fun girls to have fun with!  The ten of us escaped to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a four-day bachelorette party getaway for my good friend and old roomie, Emily.  One of the girls got us a great deal at Esperanza Residences in a condo that might have been bigger than my entire house... closets as big as my bedroom, bathrooms in every room and balconies that overlooked the pool and ocean.  It was a once-in-a-lifetime type experience, that's for sure!  
Beyond the amazing resort we were lucky enough to stay at, we got to experience the best parts of Cabo... the beaches and ocean. The ocean was so turquoise, it was magical!  We took a snorkeling trip to Lands End, located at the tip of the Baja Peninsula and where Lover's Beach sits between the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean.  We walked from one body of water to another, all while admiring amazing rock formations and snorkeled around Pelican Rock!

We took time to eat, too, of course. My favorite restaurant was Bar Esquina.  Lanterns hung from the ceiling, white drapes framed windows and doorways, with the menu written on chalkboard painted beams. The outdoor patio was expansive, with greenery and more white drapes.  It was the perfect ambiance for a girls' night out or date night!  

By the next day, back to the beach I drifted... couldn't get enough, and missing it still today. A few of us spent the afternoon at Medano Beach, lounging on padded beach chairs (I could have napped all day there under the umbrella listening to the waves) and riding the tide in and out! It was also extremely fun to people watch... some folks there to party, that's for sure!  

And we couldn't forget the main reason we all gathered at this beautiful, nerve-calming place was to celebrate Em's upcoming wedding!  She's such an honest-to-goodness, sweet person, I couldn't have asked for a better (and spunkier) roommate for the few years we bunked together and the ongoing friend I have in her now.  Though she now lives in Denver and I don't get to see her as much as I'd like, we manage to continue to visit (helps having my sis there, too) and pick up right where we left off last. 

So one night, we spoiled our bachelorette in the living room and on the massive balcony of our sweet condo with a little lingerie party!  It wasn't like any typical lingerie session though, one of the girls had such a great idea to theme it around travel.  Both Em and her soon-to-be husband are huge globe trotters, and of course, we had all traveled for this trip! So prior to the excursion, we each selected a location and themed our gift around that place.  I had Rio de Janeiro, Brazil... so you can use your imagination on what I might have gotten her.  Another girl had Mumbai and part of her gift included a belly dancer chain - how fun!  

Post-festivities, we had a very specialty-themed piƱata that was the size of a petite person, hung from our balcony, filled with candy, little shots and confetti.  After Emily successfully beat it open, we took off for a night out (I came home early to put my preggo-self to bed). 

All in all it was an extremely fun trip with some good old friends and new friends alike. I can't wait for Em's upcoming wedding in Steamboat, CO and to be reunited with the ladies of Cabo.

P.S. A few pieces I wore throughout my trip and in some of the above photos:

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