Chasing Davies: Final Days of Summer: Bike Ride to the Taco Truck

August 29, 2013

Final Days of Summer: Bike Ride to the Taco Truck

All summer I've wanted to hit up the local Taco Republic food truck that parks about a mile away from our house in the Kansas City metro on Sundays (and summer to-do #3).  But each Sunday rolls around, and we get busy with something else... so I was really glad when this past Sunday, we finally got the chance to ride our bikes, (Liam in his bike trailer) the short distance for lunch.  The tacos were delicious and they had a great set-up with outdoor seating in the shade (since it was quite hot).

The Taco Republic truck changes location every day and communicates it's whereabouts via their site, Facebook and on Twitter - so you can't miss it.  They are also in the midst of building a permanent location near their Sunday stops, right across from another nearby favorite, Oklahoma Joe's in Kansas City, KS.  I love that more restaurants are popping up within walking or biking distance for those times we want to ditch the car (any chance we get, weather permitting).

I'm totally jonesing already to hit this truck up again. There are still more taco variations to be tried (and you can mix and match, as you order each separately). It will probably go on my fall to-do list, since biking in cooler weather to fill our bellies is probably a better idea anyway. (It's a sad confession of mine to admit that the one-mile bike ride in 90-something degree heat kinda did me in. I had high hopes in this pregnancy to not completely lose it... but it's gone.)

{Liam's tee straight from NYC, but online here; Red Sandals}

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