Chasing Davies: 26 weeks along // they'd know if there were twins in there, right?

August 27, 2013

26 weeks along // they'd know if there were twins in there, right?

If I hadn't had two sonograms at this point (the first in the early stages to see the embryo and ensure I was indeed pregnant, and the second at 18 weeks to check on progress and identify the sex), I'd really wonder if there were two in there.  She's been a jabber, puncher, and overall mover way earlier than Liam ever was (but I've also been told that the location of my placenta, which is in the back of my uterus vs. the upper-front, like with Liam, has played a role into me feeling her sooner).  Her favorite game? To bounce upon my bladder. So it's really fun when I'm sitting in a meeting and all the sudden jump straight up and have to run to the bathroom.  She's funny like that.

The other night I was laying on the couch, talking to Liam about the baby in my belly (as he was inspecting my now stretched out belly button), when she started aerobics hour.  I could feel jabs all the way on one side and similar movements on the whole other side. So she's either the world's longest fetus or there are two dancer's in there... Or more likely, she just really likes to stretch out.  Maybe she'll be my swimmer, like mommy, since Liam is taking to anything that involves a ball, like daddy. I bet she's in there practicing the butterfly.

Have you experienced such strong, constant and/or spread-out movements in the 2nd trimester as this?  I don't have a twin hiding in there, right? It's not possible... it's not.

{Outfit details: Top - Target (similar); Skirt - Loft (last worn at 16 weeks pregnant; similar option); Shoes; Watch; Lips}

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