Chasing Davies: 23 week update // it's everything else that's the problem

August 6, 2013

23 week update // it's everything else that's the problem

Here we are into another week, but let me tell you - I've worked hard for this new week!  The pregnancy portion of the last week was all was great.  I slept pretty good with less nightmares and restlessness than weeks past. I don't feel like a took a huge growth spurt. I'm still  fitting into a lot of my normal clothes (with some help, of course - and mainly dresses). All that is really pretty amazing.

But the issues I had mainly stemmed around one little boy I know bring me home a nasty little cold and feeling like total crap because of it.  Just so happened to be an extremely busy time at work... so no rest for the weary.  The other little issues resulted in a fall down the stairs just last night and now, thankfully only, a pretty sore ankle. So I guess I need to find some cute little air cast to rock in between icing with a bag of peas. Here's hoping my foot heals quick so I can get back to walking as normal as a preggo can walk.

{Outfit Details - Dress - super old from Old Navy (similar in white) and Shoes - J.Crew (other colors, this fun print pair)}

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