Chasing Davies: 19 Weeks Along // Really Starting to Pop!

July 9, 2013

19 Weeks Along // Really Starting to Pop!

Last week, at 18 weeks, was the big announcement on what the gender of this baby I'm growing is!  It was so fun to find out and share with you all. So now the next 20 weeks* we wait... and wait. The weeks between 14 and 18 are always so fun... sharing the news with friends and family and then gearing up to find out the gender.  Now we just wait until we meet the little one, and I grow. Grow a lot.  A LOT.

Speaking of growing...I can really tell a difference between this week from last. I've really popped. It's no wondering (at least I hope not) if there's a baby in there now... I broke out my maternity tanks to wear under shirts, but that's it so far.  Though I am getting more limited by the week on what I can wear   from my normal clothes.

To get myself through the next 20 weeks, and especially the next 10 or so before I get too big to do much, I have a lot of projects galore. We need to get Liam transferred to his big boy room (into the current guest bedroom), update Liam's nursery for this new baby, declutter the entire house, organize the attic and basement storage areas which have become crazy, continue organizing my closet/wardrobe pieces, etc etc etc. Oh and try to get some sleep before I give that up for awhile again.

What gets you through the 2nd half of pregnancy?

*I will have a scheduled c-section at 39 weeks due to the nature of my pelvic bone shape & tilt that we discovered at Liam's birth, so it's 20 more weeks vs. 21 weeks.

{P.S. also wore this dress when I was pregnant last time - here & here}

 {^this one refuses to pose in a photo with me, instead he is master photo bomber. I think it makes the photo better, anyways.}

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