Chasing Davies: A Day Outside {for Mother's Day}

May 13, 2013

A Day Outside {for Mother's Day}

Man, Sundays are the best, but they are even more amazing with the sun is out, the weather just right and when it's Mother's Day -- an extra special day to remember how lucky us mama's are or how lucky we are to have such great mamas!  Whether you're a pet mom, boy mom, girl mom, first time mom, soon to be mom or a women who lends her momness to others, biological or not - hope your day was fantastic. 

We started our day by sleeping in... little man slept till 8:10! Then met my parents for brunch and afterwards went to Loose Park to play, play, play!  We went swinging, we looked at flowers, played in sand, went down lots of slides and just ran around in the grass.  Perfect morning!  Then my little family headed home for a midday nap, where we all partook! Afterwards, we went back to the Country Club Plaza to walk around, shop, eat fro-yo, play in another park, look at fountains and get yummy take out for dinner back at home.  Pretty much the perfect day. What did you do?!

Here's a few shots of our day, spent outside in the great weather with my little man, and my mom, too!

 He was looking pretty good, so he decided to work it - he's such a trendsetter with his outfit move.

 Pink for Mother's Day in my London Times dress!

Liam dancing with Mimi

 My little family on Mother's Day!

My outfit details: Dress - c/o London Times, Blazer - J.Crew (similar), Blouse - Gap (similar), Boots

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