Chasing Davies: Running amok my old stomping ground

March 25, 2013

Running amok my old stomping ground

{I swear he loved it, just really wanted to have me hold him in this moment and this kids is learning to show his anger...} 
Last weekend we took advantage of a non-precipitating day (it's been a rainy/snowy Spring start) and despite the less than ideal temperatures, we headed to Lawrence to run around outside on KU's campus.  
We're pretty desperate for Spring to come around here so we can spend more time outside and thankfully Liam actually likes the cooler weather, so we bit the bullet and hit the road.  Lawrence, KS is only 45 or so minutes west of us, and campus is pretty quiet on the weekends, so took advantage of the wide open space and new sites. Liam loved running down the sidewalk and climbing up the stairs to some of the iconic University of Kansas buildings. 
And I couldn't help but feel a little nostalgia for my old stomping ground... A lot of, "Can you remember when..." happening between my husband and I. Seems like just yesterday...
His sweet duds: Pants, Sweater (similar), Mocs
My mom duds: Coat (similar), Dress (similar), Leggings (same print), Boots
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