Chasing Davies: Favorite Things Party & Wear

February 19, 2013

Favorite Things Party & Wear


Have you guys heard of a 'Favorite Things Party'?  It's pretty fun and much like a Holiday White Elephant Gift Exchange... Depending on who and how many you invite, you can really customize the party to your group.  This is how my friend who organized the party I went to did it:

I was one of 14 girls in attendance. We each identified our favorite thing to buy, at around $7.50 and purchased 4 of them, bringing each item individually wrapped.  So the same item, wrapped x 4.

Once we arrived at the party, we put our name in a bowl 4 times.  We all sat around in a circle with our favorite things (that we each brought, ready to dole out).  We went around the circle, passing the bowl with all our names (x4 times), drawing 4 names to give our favorite things too after we first introduced what our favorite thing was.

We couldn't draw our own name, or the same person twice.  Those 4 people drawn, got your favorite thing. As we got to the end if the last person had her name in the final 4, she got to trade her favorite thing for any thing else.  We also had open trading at the end for those who maybe wanted something they didn't drawn more.  That worked out well!

I've also heard of people doing smaller groups of people and bringing a favorite thing for each person - so no drawing name and everyone gets everything.  Just depends on how many people you want to include and how much you want to spend!  You can really cusomize this "Favorite Things" party however you want - maybe your favorite "beauty" things or "drink" things vs. anything/everything.  See the bottom of this post for all the favorite things the gals at the party I went to brought!

Shop this look: 
Copper maxi dress via Marshall's (similar or a skirt), Baseball tee via Target, Bag c/o Handbag Heaven; Necklaces - Forever21, Bracelets - Forever21 & Anthro, Lipstick - Cover Girl Spellbound (also my favorite thing)

 This group's favorite things:

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