Chasing Davies: A new appreciation for trains

February 12, 2013

A new appreciation for trains

We took Liam to Union Station in Kansas City that has a skywalk to a shopping center. It was a great place to let Liam run around on a cold winter day. And he had a blast. He even met a little friend, who kept caressing his face. I think she was smitten, and he kept looking to me for approval {that's right little guy....and my answer is no, you're still mine for at least 29 more years}.

So over the skywalk to the shopping center we chased him, and it probably took 10 times as long to walk the distance, but it was worth all the back and forth {and back and forth} to get to the other side and hit up the greatest local restaurant, PERFECT for kids, Fritz's Railroad Restaurant. This dude does not let us eat out these days, hates to sit still! But man, he was amused, entertained and in awe.  We all ate dinner -- and finished it, too, while trains soared over our heads.  I didn't take photos there, but did use the Vine App to capture the excitement (@ChasingDavies). So if you are ever in KC or local here - hit it up! 

I love getting to do more and more with this wild man. He's just a riot.

{My outfit - Sweater by J.Crew (similar); Skirt - old from Banana Republic (similar or this); Boots; Lip Color}