Chasing Davies: The beauty in people

January 5, 2013

The beauty in people

Man, now I know why I didn't run for any sort of student council growing up, campaigning is exhausting and a little bit humiliating. But someone very sweet out there nominated my little ol' blog for Circle of Mom's Top 25 Fashion & Beauty blogs by moms and now I need your help to vote me to that list!  It's probably the easiest voting method ever, no registration, just a click on the round, orange button under my profile pic and bio here. You can vote every 24 hours now through Jan. 23rd.
I'm honored to be on a list with some of my own very favorite mom-bloggers! And it got me thinking about about why I blog and read blogs. I don't really have the full answer yet, and there is actually a separate post in the works on this topic coming soon. But I do know that one of the reasons I keep up this site and read other blogs is to remind myself there is beauty in people.  
In a world where bad news spreads faster than good and it can sometimes be scary to leave the house, I find so many inspiring, beautiful people out there there here internets. People who put their stories out for the word or comment/tweet all the while building bridges across distances.  And somehow, this world seems a little sweeter and that there is more good than bad.  Just knowing more about the folks that I would otherwise never meet gives me hope.
Your comments, tweets, emails... your input, advice, answers... your anonymous acts of kindness (like this nice nomination) mean the world to me.
But somehow this post just got way to serious for a Saturday morning, so I'll leave you with this short interview that I did for Circle of Moms:

How did your style change (if at all) after becoming a mom?

Everything must be washable! I swear, I think I get more messy from the baby than the baby does (now that we're past blow outs and such - knock on wood)!
I also had to edit the styles I wear because my body changed. For the most part, however, the core of my style is the same - about having fun, taking a chance and being creative.

What's your favorite stylish and practical item?

Wedges. You can still get the height or elongated leg look you crave with out the hobbling and sore feed from running around after a toddler in heels.

What's a quick thing moms can do to take their style up a notch?

Layer. You pull on your favorite jeans and another top, don't stop there. Add a boyfriend cardigan or blazer and then a statement necklace (or scarf if you child thinks your jewelry are their toys).
Thank you for your help and more importantly, thank you for reminding me there is beauty if people.