Chasing Davies: Sylvia C. Styling: Helping you find your own personal style!

November 3, 2012

Sylvia C. Styling: Helping you find your own personal style!

I love nothing more than supporting and being supported by other woman, especially those out doing what they love!  We can do so much more if we all work together, to collect our individual talents and passions to use for the greater good.

One of those women out doing what they love... I'm so excited to introduce to you Sylvia! She is a Kansas City area gal, just like me, who is also passionate about fashion and helping others find their personal style. She's a mama of two, so definitely understands how to make style work in the real world!  

{Sylvia and her precious family}

Sylvia C. Styling is a business launched from her own love of fashion and helping other people feel good!  She can help you shop your own closet, showing you how to style (or re-style) pieces you already own, to personal shopping for new things to love.  

I had a few questions for her, and Sylvia happily answered. Get to know her a bit:

When did you get started in styling and what inspired you to do so?
SylviaMy business officially launched this past August, but I have been dreaming of doing some version of this for many years. I have always loved connecting with women, and have long desired to share my enthusiasm for life.

What has been your favorite styling session, and why?
SylviaOverall, my favorite task is remixing outfits for my clients. There is nothing better than showing someone ALL of the ways that they can wear what they already have. It’s fun for me to see clients get excited about their own clothes. I love the quote: “It’s not about having what you want, but wanting what you have.” It can be applied to almost every facet of our lives!

In this overwhelming market of content and ways to get it - where do you find your styling inspiration?
SylviaI have two favorite fashion magazines: Instyle and People Stylewatch. From the web, I love Pinterest. But, the best inspiration comes from people watching. I could sit all day (SANS kiddos!) with a coffee and gawk at people from afar.

How would you describe your own personal style for yourself?
SylviaI consider my style eclectic. I love to mix in feminine shapes with a little ‘pop of crazy’ … be it a colorful shoe, wild print, or exciting hemline.

I am currently growing my business on a part-time basis, so much of my time is spent with my two kids: Elias, 3.5 and Olive, 15 months. Regardless of our agenda for the day, I make sure my personality shines through in how I dress. When I look better, I feel better.

How are you able to work with others that might have a different style than your own?
Sylvia: I don’t have to aspire to achieve a certain style in order to appreciate it. I see clothing as an expression of self. I love the variety, which comes with that viewpoint. No matter what someone’s style, I work to help them achieve that look in a way that’s tasteful and chic.

Well, I personally want to go get coffee and people watch with Sylvia, now! But YOU should check out her awesome services - if you're looking for a little to a lot of help in any way, she sure does sound like the perfect little lady to get the job done (and have some fun).

You can follow Sylvia on Pinterest, via Facebook and even Twitter for several different ways to get to know her better, follow her tips and get inspired!