October 29, 2012

Thoughts on turning 30...

A little over a week ago I turned 30. My husband, some good friends, my sister and I had a fun little night on the town.  Keep reading to see how I mixed Old Navy and Kate Spade for a night out and a few of my thoughts on this BIG birthday.

{Dress - New from Old Navy;  Necklace - J.Crew (similar); Booties - Kate Spade; Clutch - Kate Spade (gift)}

The big 3-0, leaving my twenties behind.  I really wasn't (still am not) worried about entering into this new decade, but the thought of leaving my twenties behind is a little sad.  It was in my twenties I was in college living with some of my best friends, feeling carefree and enjoying school. It was in my twenties that I got my first real job, lived on the Plaza and discovered how fun having a real income can be.  It was in my twenties that I got engaged, married to and moved in with my long-term boyfriend. And it was in my twenties that I was pregnant and gave birth to my sweet boy.

Not that now that I'm in my thirties that all goes away, but it makes it feel that much further in the past.

Furthermore, I actually remember my parents in their thirties. I remember thinking that was old (hah!) and couldn't even picture being that age.  Now I am at that age, and with a child, house, dog and a job, it's a bit scary to see how fast life goes.  There is a hint of sadness that I'm here already.

Entering my twenties was different.  There was no angst or sadness; it was exciting and full of possibilities.

With this birthday, there are still many possibilities and tons of excitement to come, I just have a lot more memories and things that I miss. At the end of the day, after the candles were blown out, the one thing I can feel for sure: thankful. 

Thankful for having so many wonderful memories to feel reminiscent about. Thankful for a blooming family that will fill my thirties with more amazing memories. Thankful to have all that I do at the ripe old age of 30.

And I do know this: for my 40th - I want to do something big. Like go to Europe for 2 weeks or something.

Have you had a scary age? Or did you feel anything different when turning 30?

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  1. Happy Birthday! I like this look a lot. Ditto the 40th birthday celebration plans!

  2. Ooooh! Welcome to the 30 club! Loving the Kate Spade sparkle clutch, you are one cute mama:)

  3. I'm getting ready to enter my 30s myself and you pretty much summed up nicely my thoughts on the be 3-0 and entering a different decade of my life. I adore your outfit and the glitter clutch is to-die-for. And for the record, I'd like to think I'm infinitely more cool than my parents were in their 30s (although I'm sure I'm not) ;)


  4. Looking great and you have a fantastic view on your thirties!

  5. Aww, I hope you had a wonderful birthday Meggy! You looked gorgeous in fuchsia and sparkles! I'm approaching 30 too (in April) and while I'm not dreading it, I feel the same way about missing things from my 20s.

  6. waouh i love that pink touch so much i follow you via google friends connect maybe you can do the same if you like my blog from france xoxo

  7. OMG! You're a baby :-) Happy belated birthday! I love your mix of Old Navy and Kate Spade. Very chic!

  8. Happy belated! <3 You are the most fabulous brand new 30-year-old ever, duh!

    23 was my scary age. Then 24 was my scary age. Then 25. Hahahaha. I'll be 26 in January. I'm not as afraid of that age as much as that age sounds suuuuper boring. ;)

  9. Happy Birthday! I'll be turning 30 on my next birthday and I'm a little worried about it myself. I still remember my future Finish sister-in-law telling me that 30 felt like being slapped in the face with a wet towel. But posts from you and my post-30 friends help make it sound a little less scary.

  10. Ta pochette est trop chou :)

  11. Happy belated birthday love! You looked stunning for your birthday! :)

    Sandy a la Mode


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