Chasing Davies: Outfit out-takes and details

October 17, 2012

Outfit out-takes and details

For whatever reason, certain outfits don't ever make it into a blog post. Maybe I didn't have time to take a proper photo or the rushed photos I did attempt turned out apparent.  Sometimes an outfit I thought looked alright that morning, really didn't look as good as I had imagined looking back. 

And even a times, I attempt a trend or style pairing I've been thinking about and it doesn't translate well.  Often times I like a specific piece of one of those "lost in translation" outfits, just not the whole thing or something was missing.

So today I'm going to share with you some of those bits and pieces from a few outfits that never made it to the blog...

*Love the faux-leather tux pant (similar option) detail on these pants, but I styled them all wrong with a frumpy, ill-fitting top and bulky blazer, so you won't be seeing that portion of this outfit. I'll be restyling these soon.

*I actually liked this outfit, but no chance for photos this day. I relied on giving you all a little peak into what I was wearing through Instagram instead (@ChasingDavies). (P)leather pants and stripes!

*I learned that I like camo print with this jacket, and gave the trend in pants a try. I like them, I learned that much - but wore them in a boring way. You might think it's not possible to be boring in camo pants (even if you don't like the print), but it was just too blaa to share, so a redo is coming...

*You can probably guess why these photos never made a post...while I actually liked (and still do) this outfit  the photos are horrible and do it no justice (to a fault).  This was just one of those days, on the run and my hurried attempt did not pay off.

*Trying to go for casual cool and just came off frumpy and sleepy, not to mention, I look really old in these pics for some reason. Stressful week at work? I liked this outfit in my head...not how it translated into real life.

Please tell me you have these same types of outfit blunders and mishaps, too?

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