July 30, 2012

J.Crew Fall Preview

Last week I went to the Kansas City's newly remodeled J.Crew store for a private Fall preview event. There were yummy munchies provided by a local restaurant, Gram & Dun, goody bags and great company (other fellow KC bloggers).  There are three things you can bet your bottoms on for Fall:

1. Polka dots will still be cool.  In every size of dot and on every thing. 
Thanks goodness because I'm gathering quite the collection.
In LOVE with this look: Tippi sweater in polka dot  (paired with No.2 Pencil Skirt in Jade)

Sweet blue polka dots on a green scarf! Fun punch of dots this will add to any outfit.

Polka dot clutch

2. Borrow from the boys.
Make sure to pair your man's item with something feminine from your closet to keep it chic.
More polka dots! Great blouse topped with men's military jacket

Men's wool tie paired with silk Blythe shirt, casual jean shorts and topped with a classic trench for one of my favorite looks of the night!

3. Mix and match colors and patterns.
Nothing is off limits...

Bright colors, patterns and mixing it all!
BlazerColorblock top in stripe and toothpick cord;  Blythe solid blouse with orange pants; Zigzag sequin top with blue jeans.

A HUGE thank you to the J.Crew store of Kansas City for hosting us! 
Beautiful ladies at J.Crew were sporting lots of dots! (ft. Tie Neck top in dot flanked by the Blythe Blouse)

See more photos from this event here.

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  1. I adore J Crew, adore polka dots, and adore mixing patterns and colors. Totally jealous, wish I could have gone!

  2. I am obsessed with JCrew's Fall line! Everything is to die for. And I am a bit relieved that polka dots will be around for a bit longer as well ;)


  3. love all of it, but especially that green scarf with the navy polka dots!

  4. I love polka dots but I definitely need to acquire more pieces with them! Love the pics! Thanks for the great inspiration!

  5. And now I'm even more polka dots obsessed!


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