Chasing Davies: Favorite Parts of June

June 30, 2012

Favorite Parts of June


My favorite parts and things of June:

1. Braids. I'm kinda obsessed with them. And will be utilizing them more and more throughout the summer, as they're a great way to get the hair off my neck or out of my face on hot days!

2. Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. As the days get hotter, I'm moving towards iced coffee, but there is nothing better than starting the morning off with a cup of coffee. 

3. The making of a pool loving baby. And his muscles. We broke out the kiddie pools and Liam got his first dip into water, other than his bath. It took him a second to get use to the cooler temps than his warm bath, but then he loved it!

4. Getting to announce a fun event I'm helping to plan. You all are invited to attend the upcoming (July 15th) Madewell shopping event. For more info, go here.  And please RSVP to me via email or on Facebook.

5. New Jewels. Happiness in the form of a ring. This ring

6. And how could I forget a beautiful wedding weekend in my beloved college town of Lawrence!?! My brother-n-law and now sister-in-law tied the knot at the beginning of June! :)

Hope June was a happy month for you all!

What were some of your favorite parts/things? 

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