Chasing Davies: The Bright Side

June 22, 2012

The Bright Side

 {Blouse Jacket Thingy & Shoes - H&M; Skirt - Banana Republic Outlet; Watch; Sunnies}

We've been dealing with mean, sharp, painful little baby teeth over here this past week.  That means mama's hair is dirty, eyes are puffy & red and she's a little delirious these days. Liam's got 2 through the skin and another one about to break through. Poor sweet baby is also spiking some fevers and doing a lot of sad moaning.  It's even more sad when he tries to be his happy little self through the pain and does a bit of giggling then sad face, then giggle, then moan, back to giggle. Oh man. Heart breaker.

The boy sure can smile through the discomfort though.  He's always looking on the bright side. Something I could learn from him on a bit. :)  On that note, it's Friday. How's that for bright?

Have a great weekend!

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