May 4, 2012

Shoes for Sale!

As I mentioned, my  heel days are limited - I think my feet grew a bit during pregnancy, so here I have a bunch of never been worn or lightly worn heels for sale! Full rules of the sale at the bottom of the post, but the three main things are: 
1) payment must be received via Paypal before I will send
2) costs include U.S. shipping (extra for international, TBD)
3) email me if you are interested in any pair ASAP (or with any questions) - sale is based on first come, first serve

The goods for sale!

NBW Colin Stuart Heels (purchased from Victoria's Secret): Size 8.5 US

Cost: $20
Color: Nude with gold trim
Never been worn (NBW)

Rocket Dog Suede Pumps: Size 8.5 US
Cost: $15
Color: Purpley-blue
Lightly worn (maybe a few times).  See them on me here.

BCBGirls Patent Leather Peep-Toe Heels: Size 8.5 US
Cost: $15
Color: White
Lightly worn (under 10 times)

Naughty Monkey Heels: Size 9 US
Cost: $15
Color: Plum with silver accents
Lightly worn (under 8 times)

NBW White House Black Market Heels: Size 8.5 US
Cost: $20
Color: Silver, subtle sparkle and embellishment
Never been worn (NBW)

Fioni for Payless Suede Ruffle Heels: Size 8.5 US
Cost: $10
Color: Purple
Barely worn (once or twice)

Audrey Brook Lace-Up Booties: Size 8.5 US
  Cost: $15
Color: Beige
Lightly worn (under 10 times), seen on me here.

Merona from Target Heeled Mary-Jane's: Size 9 US
Cost: $10
Color: Gray Suede
Lightly worn (under 10 times)

NBW Newport News Embellished Heels: Size 9 US
Cost: $20
Color: Champagne/Gold with Flower Embellishment in same color
Never been worn (NBW)

Now here is the fine print:
1) To order - email me at ChasingDavies(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject line SHOES. I will sell the pair you are interested in based on first received emails.  You then have 24 hours to pay via Paypal, before I put them back up for grabs (and let the others who may have been interested know).
2) Questions? Want more pictures? Feel free to email me with subject line QUESTION.
3) Payment must be made via Paypal and done before I send.  All above costs reflect shipping, too. If you are ordering 2+ pairs, you can deduct $2 from the total.
4) Shipping - I will send the pair(s) within 5 days of receiving payment via standard shipping. I'll let you know when I ship so you can keep an eye out. If you wish to receive them faster, you will have to add the shipping cost difference.

Thank you and happy shopping!

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  1. WHY must I have size 10 boats for feet?! *sadface*

  2. ooh, methinks we are the same shoe size...
    i may have to take that first pair...

    1. The first pair is still avail - email me at if you want to claim them! :)

  3. i see theyre sold now. probably best, as my budget is much smaller than my love of shoes.
    ::le sigh::


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