Chasing Davies: Polka Dots on Polka Dots

January 10, 2012

Polka Dots on Polka Dots

{Forever21 Cardigan, Urban Outfitters Tee, Loft Skirt, New Kate Spade Booties}

Ok, so this weekend I used my own brain and got dressed in real clothes again.  It was just to got out to dinner with friends (our baby + their kids and all).  But it was fun to feel a bit like my old self.

What was quite the different experience?  Trying to find a place to sit at the restaurant that would accommodate 4 adults, 1 toddler and 2 car seats.  All the tables in the place were reserved from some event, so all that was available were booths, yet the car seats didn't fit between the table and booth seats. Thankfully there was a corner booth available that was larger and the table moved a bit, so after the hostess walked us around the place trying different tables, we were able to make this one work.  But I guess we looked like we came with too much baggage and the older couple sitting at the table next to this one promptly asked to be moved away from us...  Not babies even cried, sheesh!

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