Chasing Davies: Tiny Buns

December 1, 2011

Tiny Buns

Obviously the ones in my hair {and not the ones more south which do not equal tiny}:

Three little buns for one lazy hair due:
I separated my hair into 3 low pony tails, then twisted each of the up and around their bases pinning with bobby pins as I went!  Then I loaded on the hair spray. Done.

Oh, and I'm actually wearing a maternity shirt!  I haven't done a lot of maternity clothes wearing this pregnancy, but one of my friends lent me this Motherhood black and white plaid number.  Since wearing any sort of regular button down is completely out of the question now, it was kinda fun to wear something similar - wearing under an Old Navy Cable-Knit Cardigan in Sunkissed Lime with Kenneth Jay Lane Earrings (found on Ebay a couple years ago).

And I'm not wearing pants.  It's just not comfortable anymore.

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