Chasing Davies: Not Feeling It

November 9, 2011

Not Feeling It

Baby boy is growing and getting so big.  With each passing day I get so much more anxious and excited to meet him.  And I want him to stay in there until he's good and ready, but I gotta admit, I'm not feeling the beautiful pregnancy thing so much these day.  

The bags under my eyes from the major lack of sleep are intense.  My achy back, hips and neck make no position comfortable for longer than 10 minutes, making me starting to feel claustrophobic in my own body.  My feet, ankles and calves have puffed up and are swollen ugly things!  Thus, you can't see my feet/shoes in this outfit shot - but I was wearing the same light pink bow from here (you'll just have to take my word for it).

On top of all that, I just got over the stomach flu!  Getting that little gem of a bug while 8 mos preggo was not fun.  The dehydration caused terrible contractions.  I had to spend a day at the hospital on an IV, but am slowly making my way back to the living!

6.5 more weeks till due date (but whose counting?)!

{Hot pink card - J.Crew, Leopard blouse - Old Navy, Green military inspired capris - Loft}

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