Chasing Davies: 8 Months

November 2, 2011

8 Months

{Banana Republic Sweater, Not Your Daughters Jeans, Steve Madden Loafers, Forever21 Necklace & Bracelet, 2nd Bracelet a gift, H&M Purse} 

Apparently 32 weeks is the start of my 8th month of being preggo.  Pregnancy is actually longer than 9 months, a little gem they don't tell you.  

My pregnancy has been pretty darn great up until a couple weeks ago.  A few woes have set in as the little man in my womb is sitting pretty high up, right up in between my ribs.  This is apparently causing some possible rib inflammation and/or muscle tearing, but defiantly some terrible pains in my right rib.  I have sharp pains in the front, and throbbing pain in the back.

To be certain it wasn't something more serious, like my gall bladder - the doc did have an ultrasound on my organs, which besides being majorly pushed up high, seem to be fine!  So I guess this is just the part of pregnancy I have to get through... The next 7.5 weeks should be really fun.

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