Chasing Davies: Two Kinds of Comments

October 31, 2011

Two Kinds of Comments

Seriously?  How do I still have 7.5 more weeks left to go?
Can I possibly get any bigger?

And I guess some random strangers also think I am huge.  I've received lots of different comments since being evidently preggo and I've determined there are two kinds: Sweet and uplifting & Unneeded.  Two examples...

1. I was in line at the grocery store a week or so ago and an older lady behind me asked when I was due.  When I told her December 23rd, she commented, "Big Baby."  Oh great.  Just what a hormonal, tired, achy, 1st time, not sure how I'm supposed to look, pregnant lady wants to hear.  She went on to tell me she had 10 grandchildren, so I'm thinking, shouldn't she know how to speak to a pregnant person?  

Then on the other hand....

2. I was waiting for my breakfast sandwich to be ready when the lady who had been behind me, and must have ordered something quicker, was now walking past me, paused and took a double take at my belly.  She smiled brightly and told me how cute I looked.  She said she had been admiring my yellow pants in line and from behind couldn't even tell.  

Now that is something a pregnant lady can take in, but definitely not "BIG BABY!"  Even though I know my butt has grown almost as much as my belly and my hips are widening as we speak in preparation of baby's arrival, thank you to the nice lady who liked my yellow pants and gave me a little morning boost.

{Cardi - J.Crew Outlet; Gingham Button Down - J.Crew Men's; White Tank - Gap Maternity; Yellow Cords - Gap; Necklace - H&M Paris 6 years ago}

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