Chasing Davies: Blazer Obsessed

October 7, 2011

Blazer Obsessed

I swear it's not just because I can wear them while in my current preggo situation, but I'm quite possibly obsessed with Blazers lately.  And today, on Friday Fancies, we're designing our dream outfit around blazers.  

I am lusting after this bright orange Hacking Jacket in Herringbone Vibrant Flame from J.Crew.  It's on my wish list big time.  I would layer this over a leopard blouse (I have one from Old Navy that doesn't seem avail online anymore, but check your local stores or this one from Ann Taylor is currently 40% through Sunday), tuck it into a fitted (& stretchy = bonus) stripped pencil skirt from Target.  Top off the look with a pretty collared necklace (this one from Banana Republic) while bottoming off the look with patent leather wedges (which I also really want & need - these by Antonio Melani).  I want to wear this outfit.

Here are some of my latest blazer looks, until I can get my hands on that J.Crew one!

Full posts here and here.

Now, you should check out all the other great outfits styled around Blazers!  And tell me, what blazer are you currently lusting for?  I am up for buying a couple (since they'll fit now worn open and late post-baby) and need more ideas. :)

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