Chasing Davies: PJ Day!

September 19, 2011

PJ Day!

Remember in school there would always be one day a year that was pajama day?  I'd wear penguin print fleece pants I stole from my friend and a sweatshirt. Well, I accidentally turned today into one of those days for me.

I was shopping at a Banana Republic Outlet a couple weeks ago, trying on anything I thought might work with my new figure.  I took this dress back to the dressing room because it was soft, cute, a newish color for me and stretchy (key).

I showed my friend I was shopping with, Erica, who wanted to go find it in the store for herself - so when she did she informed me that this was a nightgown.  It was in the section with coordinating pajamma pants and a robe. 

Clearly that didn't stop me.  It fit! And neither of us knew it was PJs at first.  So now I guess I have a new dress and nightgown.

{Nightgown worn as a dress - Banana Republic Outlet; Stripe top - J.Crew, Flats - Gap}

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