Chasing Davies: Shopping Your Closet

August 19, 2011

Shopping Your Closet

Among my friends, I've gotten several asks to come help them shop their closet and put outfits together.  I have so much fun doing this.  The best part is seeing their faces when I put something they were iffy about with a piece they never thought about pairing it with and how then it transforms their thoughts about that item.

I do this for myself, too.  When I'm feeling particularly inspired (maybe after I flip through a new magazine, a good batch of blogs, the new J.Crew catalog, etc) I'll head to my closet to put together some outfits for the upcoming week/to have on hand.  I usually try to use something I haven't worn in awhile (justify why its still hanging in my closet all at the same time) and put things together I hadn't before.  I then have some outfits on hand when I'm having a non-inspired morning, and wear pieces I haven't in awhile.

I recently helped a friend shop her closet and put together some outfits for work.  She was just getting off maternity leave and heading back to the office.  It's nice to go back feeling fresh and good about what you're wearing.  We laid out the outfits and used her iTouch to snap pics of them, so that later she could flip through for ideas of what to wear.  

Here are a few (of 40+):

Few notes about this friend's closet:
- She had this old leopard cardi and wasn't sure why she had hung out to it for so long.  I was so glad she did, as obviously leopard is huge for Fall.  So I put together several outfits for her using this oldie, but goody.
- Mixing patterns was something newer for my friend.  
-  The floral tank + stripe skirt would be great for day to night.  By layering a simple black cardi over the tank, or a long sleeve black top under it, instantly makes is office appropriate (and suitable for cooler weather).
- I tried to put together a wide range of outfits - some that were more outside her box and safer ones, so she'd have options depending on what mood she was in.
- These clothes were all from her closet.  No shopping required.

I think this method would be great for anyone to do in their own closet, like I do.  
Sure makes getting dressed in the morning easier.
What's your method for putting together an outfit?

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