Chasing Davies: The Joys of Pregnancy

August 9, 2011

The Joys of Pregnancy

{Top - TJ Maxx, Skirt - Banana Republic circa 2003, Necklace - Target, Shoes - Payless}

The joys of carry a little human around.

- Getting to hike my skirts way up.  This one was practically sitting right under my boobs. I'm avoiding maternity clothes.
- Feeling random kicks and thumps in my gut - that IS the best part!
- Having to go up a bra size... not the good part.  I need all new brassieres.
- The Snoogle Total Body Pillow.  I might keep this thing around even post-pregnancy. So amazing.
- Decorating the baby's room, shopping for baby things and thinking about babies.
- Random emotions. I got teary eyed when I found the perfect mirror for baby boy's room at TJ Maxx.
- My little fur baby, Charlie-dog seems to love me even more lately.  He senses something, I think.
- The, "I can't, I'm pregnant" excuse.  Like, I can't wash my hair, I'm pregnant.  So I am wearing a lot of buns.  It's not so much the washing activity, it's the drying and styling that is so exhausting.  Don't worry, I'm still showering regularly, just with a granny cap on.
- But most of all, my growing midsection.  The more it grows the more I know baby boy is getting bigger and stronger.  I hope he's enjoying it in there!