Chasing Davies: Yard Games

July 5, 2011

Yard Games

I celebrated the 4th of July with Friends on July 3rd and then with Family on the actual 4th.  Two days of holiday fun was amazing.  And I'm extra thankful to have another day off work today to recover from all the fun!

This is what I wore yesterday - for the real 4th of July.

{Old Navy stripe top; NY&Co floral skirt, Forever 21 floral necklace, Target sandals}

At our family cookout, we had some extra fun with yard games.  But it wasn't just any kind of yard games.  It was like Yard Game Olympic style.

We paired up and moved through an obstacle coarse of games.  Set up in the backyard, we had 5 games set up.  Before we could move from each game, we had to get a certain amount of points different for each.

- Washers: had to each get 3 points
- Hoola Hoop Toss: had to each throw a hoola hoop around about a 6 foot tall spike (can be a anything tall) 2 times
- Ping Pong Ball Toss: had to each toss 3 ping pong balls into a bucket
- Tennis: had to consecutively hit the tennis ball back and forth 10 times (set closer together than a tennis court, this was the hardest one for me)
- Water Balloon Toss: had to each catch 2 water balloons without the balloon bursting

Each twosome started two minutes apart.  You were out if you got bumped by the team behind you (because you can't move on to the next game until you get your points for each game) and the fastest overall time won.  This particular course only took 3-5 minutes, so we played numerous times.  It was fun!

What did you do on Fourth of July?

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