Chasing Davies: Dear J.Crew Fall 2011...

July 28, 2011

Dear J.Crew Fall 2011...

You're killing me!  You are full of cropped pants, beautiful jackets, rich layers, knee length dresses & skirts and amazing color combos.  But see, it's still only July and where I live, it's 100+ degrees out with no end in sight!  But I'm dying to recreate some of your looks (let alone get a few pieces) and just can't wait.

So I summerized this yellow mellow outfit and now all I need are a few good men in top hats.

I also tamed my hair with some braids and pinned them in the back.  Had to keep the frizz under control somehow, but feel I got the same messy - didn't try to hard look as Miss. J.Crew Fall model.  Anyways, J.Crew, I hope I did you proud.

Love Always,

{My outfit - Top: Loft, Skirt: Gap, Flats: Asos, Black Cuff: Gift, Sunglasses: Forever 21}

What are you loving MOST about Fall?  I'm clearly most looking forward to the J.Crew looks - but mostly layers and jackets (and not sweating ridiculously every time I move outside).