Chasing Davies: When All Else Fails...

June 9, 2011

When All Else Fails...


- When all else fails, do as J.Crew does.  Doing as J.Crew does.
- But my outfit is tons cheaper than J.Crew's... Denim top (shop) & ivory skirt (similar) from Target, Stripe tee an oldie from SJP's line and Sandals from Payless
- Whatever happened to Sarah Jessica Parker's clothing line, Bitten, anyways?
- 1/2 day Fridays at work...oh yes.  Summer hours.  My new summer Friday ritual is working in the morning and then heading straight to the gym to work out before hitting the pool.
- Getting my hair did.  Oh yes.  Best thing ever.  And the hair washing - I wish I could just get my hair washed once a week.  It's magical.


- The majorly giant carpenter ants that are sneaking into my house and causing a lot of antsy nights (haha, pun intended).
- Aka, me feeling like there are ants crawling all over me and jumping out of bed for no reason.
- 6am flight for one-day work trip.  6am means, getting up at 4am.  Eeep.
- Copying J.Crew without any creative alterations of my own.  I'm a copycat today, I guess.

That's my Awesome & Awkward Thursday, folks.