May 9, 2011

Kentucky Derby

This weekend I went to a Kentucky Derby party to watch the shortest big sporting event ever.  And funny story.    I knew nothing about the horses in the race, and the only one I'd heard about prior to going to the party was Pants on Fire due to all the publicity of the girl jockey (gasp-a girl).  At the party, there was a no-money down kind of vote.  We got to put in who we think would get 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  I just guessed based on the names of the horses (there are some really funny ones).

Anyways, race came, 1 minute late it was over and Animal Kingdom won.  That is the horse I'd picked to win (randomly)!!  I got a little prize of some lotto tickets and Jack Daniels - but man I wish i would have put some real money on that!  The odds on that horses winning were not high.

Ok, not so funny, but cool!  Maybe this is the funny part?  My Kentucky Derby outfit...

I have no idea if this hat is "Derby" enough.  I know women wear the big and floppy kind, but I already owned this little vintage number that was a gift from a friend.  I added pearls and a long skirt to class it up a bit.  Who knows, I went for the drinks.

{Hat - Vintage/gift, Pearls - Forever 21, Purple Tank - Target, Long Skirt  - H&M, Bat - Theit}

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  1. That hat is perfect! I saw on the Today show (I know, the best place to get news!) that any hat is derby appropirate!
    You look great! Love the rich colours and maxi dress!

  2. I like your hat, I don't think I would like to wear anything really big either.
    And congrats on the win!

  3. i;ve always wanted to wear a crazy hat!

  4. Any day is a good day for a feathered hat. I concur.

  5. As a former Kentuckian, I think you would have fit right in. :) I really want to have a Kentucky Derby party someday!


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