April 18, 2011

lalalove for lululemon

I went to San Fransisco (again, but this time for work) and hit of lululemon for the first time ever.  Where have I been??  Why was this my first time?  I'm in lalalove... Here's the start of my new love affair:

Relaxed Fit Cropped Pant is perfect for yoga in the warmer weather! 

I want 5 more of these...I've alraedy done yoga AND run in it.  So great.
Swiftly Tech Top, Seamless with mesh venting & Knitted Silverescent® with X-static for anti-stink properties

All Sport bra with wide cross straps - I also want to try the Tata Tamer bra... {bras}

I cannot wait to save up some more mula and get more more more.  This is the best workout brand of clothing I've ever worn.  Yoga, running, any exercise, it's great for it all - love it.  It's not cheap, but it lasts.

Have you tried lululemon?  What's your fav from there??

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  1. Hi! Great blog- I found you through "For the Love of Blogs"

    Have a great day! Congrats on being featured there :)

  2. Love lulu! Have run my 3 halfs in it I like the speed shorts and run:fast shorts, swiftly tech l/s, I just wanna run tank. Dash crops are great for cooler runs. Zoom crops are good for spinning. I could go on and on! Glad you found some stuff you like!.

  3. I love Lululemon, they make the best workout clothes.

  4. Check out my friend Stephanie's blog:
    She just started working with Lululemon in Houston.

  5. Hi! I'm a new follower and also a KC blogger and also LOVE me some Lulu. I have a few posts of it as well. If you ever want to head to Park Place and shop, let me know!! Sarah at apparentlyobsessed.blogspot.com


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