Chasing Davies: Kate Spade, Yes Please!

April 12, 2011

Kate Spade, Yes Please!

I'm in San Fransisco for a few days for a work conference, and a bit of fun.  My boss and I got to squeeze in some shopping in our downtime, and while checking out at Lululemon (more on that later), I got one of the nicest compliments!

The lady checking me out asked if I worked for Kate Spade.  I looked confused and said, no, why...?  Thinking - random!  Why would she think that?  She said, you are dressed so cute and very Kate Spade-ish, I thought you looked straight out of Kate Spade.

This is what I was wearing:

(Sorry for the poor lighting of photo)
 I think it was the stripes under the coraly-red trench jacket with hot pink scarf and rosette necklace.  Whatever it was, I was super flattered!

Now for the winner of the Shabby Apple Giveaway... I'm SO jealous of....

 Sarah! Congrats - Check your email...

And now, another beg for a vote if you haven't yet.  Quick 30 sections to vote for my outfit in the Jess LC Design your Look Challenge.  Click here and in the comment section just write - Meggy D. from Chasing Davies!

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