Chasing Davies: Clowning Around

April 7, 2011

Clowning Around


- Mixing colors, patterns and experimenting with clothes a little bit!
- Sunny days with blue skies and funny looking clouds (I love laying in the grass looking for shapes in the sky).
- Buns.  They extend the time between hair washes.  Seriously.  Also, quick and easy - whip it up and run out the door!
- Going baaack to San Fran this coming Sunday - this time, work conferences, but also, hopefully warmer weather!

{Stripe Top - H&M, Polka Dot Skirt - Target, Blue heels - DSW, Bag - Theit}
-  Finding clothing inspiration from a clown.  Polka dots, bright colors, stripes....
- I'm so strong.  I can lift my purse.  Actually, my bag does way 10 lbs. I stuff a lot in there.
- On a work call...thinking you are on mute, chomping away on your lunch (loudly) to realize your not on mute...
- Looking back to the beginning on my blog and some of the photos I use to take...and post. yikes! I've come a long way.
- Walking into work with all my bags and realizing my skirt (this on) has turned itself around... slit on the side, pockets mid-body. Weird.