Chasing Davies: Another Maxi Try

April 4, 2011

Another Maxi Try

Last week I gave a maxi skirt my first try, and this weekend I wore another one!  This one is more flowy than and has a 70s floral vibe to it.  I can see myself really loving this maxi skirt thing - they are fun to wear.

{Hot pink card - J.Crew via Ebay; Stripe top - J.Crew; Maxi skirt - H&M; Glasses - Forever21; Purse - Theit}

Are you where maxi skirts yet or plan to?  I think the two I have are enough for now, but I will have fun trying to change them up this Spring season.

On another note, it's Lulu's birthday today!  Since she has such a love for photography & we've been taking our classes together - I thought this adorable canvas art was the perfect gift.  "Click Click" by Aisle to Aloha Studio is something I've been eying for myself!  As soon as I get my gallery wall int he kitchen started, I'll have to take another look.  For now, Lulu can enjoy her camera art:

 Happy Birthday, Lulu!!!

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