Chasing Davies: To the Max

March 30, 2011

To the Max

Update - Big Favor guys! Can you vote for me (Chasing Davies) real quick?! It will take literally 3 seconds - click here, scroll down a tiny bit and look to the right side of the blog for the poll unit.  Vote! Would be so freaking excited if I won blogger of the month!

Since I was vacationing last week, I missed my photography class last week and the assignment.  So instead of Lulu and my typical I See, You See - we took pics of each other - hah! You'll have to head over to her blog to see the final chosen pics - one of her taken by me, and one of me taken by her.

Also using the pics Lulu took of me for today's outfit post {Thanks so much L}... Wearing my new maxi skirt.  This is new to me.  I love the maxi dress thing, sure, but haven't tried the long skirt - and now I own 2, thanks to shopping on vacay.  Here's the first attempt - a long black and white stripe skirt. Paired with this washed out denim shirt, I think I look a little tired cow girl ish?

{Jacket - Target; Denim Button Down - Target; Stripe Maxi Skirt - Macy's; Gray Boots -}

If you are craving some denim & maxi skirts... here are some shopping opions:

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Brought to you by

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