March 3, 2011

The Bag Lady - Awkward & Awesome Thursday

My busy schedule is tarting to catch up with me.  I hate being behind on posting.  Next week will be better! I have so much I need and want to share - I just need to find some time to snap some pics and write.  For now, I'm going to participate in Awkward & Awesome Thursday!

{Dress - Cynthia Rawley via TJ Maxx find; Stripe Cardi - Old Navy; Small necklace - Weston, Mo boutique; Bigger necklace - Washington D.C. market; Leopard Flats - Marshalls; Ruffle Scarf - The Limited; Green printed bag - Lill}

- Lugging way too much around with all my bags and looking like the bag lady - at least I'm working out my arm. One arm will be strong.
- Getting so little sleep, falling asleep on the plane with my mouth wide open, waking myself up with a little drool.
- At the KU basketball game last night with some friends, including Lisa M. from the Bachelor, a little high school girl and her mom were staring at Lisa and frantically texting/tweeting on her phone.  She was so excited, we all felt awkward.
- On Monday, showing up to work post-7am flight, long delay in gross St.Louis Airport the day before and getting only 4 hours of sleep.  I looked like a gremlin. You will not see pics of that outfit!
- ...Which was pieced together clean clothes that I had left, since I was supposed to have gotten home 24 hours earlier - I had run out of outfits!
- All this flying has dried out my hair and skin and caused me to break out a TON!  I feel like I'm going through puberty.
- Um, remember all the running I did in January?  I've run like 10 miles since... I miss working out.  I've been too busy.  Need to get back on a good schedule.

- Getting my room upgraded from the nice guy checking me in at Hotel Monaco in Denver.
- Walking into my kick a$$ suite that has a living room, separate bedroom with sitting area and a jacuzzi tube!
- Being in Washington D.C. last weekend to see Gaga and friends.
- Being in Denver now for work. I just love Denver.  We walked to dinner - went to to Wynkoop Brewery and I had the Vegetarian "Chicken" Pasta.  So good.
- All of our home painting being DONE!  All the current remodeling projects - DONE!  Now just need to put our home back together again...
- Free breakfast and lunch at work all week from vendors - majorly reducing my grocery bill!
- New, big flat screen TV for our bedroom - delivered, only to find they sent us the next version better because ran out of the one we bought.
- This TV has 3D! Now I need the glasses.  This line is now turning into more awkward - can you see me hanging out at home with big 3D goggles on?  Love it.
- Bare legged season!  I love my tights, but love the signs of spring/summer!


  1. you saw gaga?! that is awesome!! you totally need to come to the next KC blogger meetup when we have one!!! :)

  2. Okay, You're not alone sister. I am a break-out queen. If it wasn't for Dan from I would look like I was going through puberty too.

    You were in my neck of the woods...well, at least where I camp now.;) I'm a Texan.

    Oh and I am so **jealous** I am on the waiting list for Theit bag! Do you just love it??? Oh I would so love to "review" it for them...maybe? Yeah doubt that'll happen. wa wa (debbie downer music)

    Love the leopard ballet flats!

  3. I love the comment about only working out one arm hahahha so funny. I feel the same way cause my purse weighs a lot!

  4. oh, it looks like it is warm there! :) I love your "awesome" list and am laughing at the thought of you and G sitting in bed with 3D glasses on. :)

  5. That's a beautiful color of blue, I like how you broke it up with stripes.

  6. haha! you are so funny! i'd definitely say more awesome than awkward! :) Hey - is that bag a recent purchase? i loooove it!

  7. A vacation. That sounds heavenly. Love the blues together. :-)

  8. lucky girl! i love lady gaga! cute blog btw
    hosting a giveaway check it out :-)

  9. I LOVE your blog! So cute! New follower x

    YAY for free food this week! Big savings for you!
    I wish it was Spring here. No sign of it yet. At all.
    I went to Gaga when she was here, amazing show!!! Glad you loved it too!

    Hope you're having a great night!

    melissa @ champagne wishes.


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