Chasing Davies: The Bachelor: Shopping Women Tell All Outfits

March 6, 2011

The Bachelor: Shopping Women Tell All Outfits

The girls were back tonight ... all the girls on TV again (with the exception of the two still on the show, Emily, FTW - & Chantal, and a few others like Kim & Keltie who weren't able to make it).

Lisa M. back on the tube, yay!! She is STUNNING in this season's best color - Coral/Orange!  She snazzed up her cute dress with my J.Crew turquoise bubbles necklace & some gold jewelry!

Her Fierra T back dress is by Alice + Olivia; Necklace, borrowed from me, my J.Crew Bubble Necklace I scored off of Ebay; and she wore the light caged sandals with gold accents from Victoria's Secret.

Lisa's earrings are by Stella & Dot, these are not mine - though I have them and recently wore. She borrowed these from Lulu. She also wore bracelets by Seasonal Whispers & her gold Michael Kors watch.

The Ashley's reunited!  Ashley S. wore an awesome gold, sequin, open sleeve Aidan Maddox.

And Ashley H. (the last girl to be sent home by Brad) is rocking a NEW DO! She now has long (extensions) darker brown hair with bangs!  I love her knew look, and her red lips!  Her dress was great, too - but I haven't found it, yet... until I do (if I do), here is a similar dress to tide you over!

Michelle Money gets brought up on stage (we knew that would happen) and attacked (by girls who are saying worse things to her now than she ever joked about, so there was a lot of hypocritical comments) by some of the girls.  But, you actually see more of the girls defending her!  Include Chris Harrison and Brad!

Any who... Michelle wears an orange skirt from J.Crew, heart-print tank from Forever 21 with a chunky turquoise designer statement necklace (which she's been so good at wearing this season) by Alicia P. The necklace & tank are no longer avail.  Reader Kalee saw the necklace (slightly different) go back up (figured it would), and is now available here. Here is another, sorta, vaguely similar necklace by the same designer as well.

And if you're looking for Michelle's Turquoise Leather Cuff she was wearing...look no more...

After a reader email on this, I did extensive research to track it down.  I knew it was by a local boutique called Art on a Wire located in a few places, but where Michelle is from in Utah.  This cuff is custom made to fit your wrist and made by hand.  To order, you can contact the boutique directly (contact info here).  Tell them I sent you!

Madison looked great in vibrant blue - which at first I thought was a dress - but it was actually a blouse by French Connection.

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