Chasing Davies: Fitness Challenge Final Wrap Up!

February 6, 2011

Fitness Challenge Final Wrap Up!

Wow!  Looking back, January went by really fast, though I know there were lots of times it seemed to crawl and I'd never reach the 100 mile goal.  But I did it.  I'm done, and I haven't run or walked a single miles since. Arg.
To Remind you I really did it all:
Days 1-2 Recap
Days 3-9 Recap
Days  10-16 Recap
Days 17-23 Recap
Days 24-30 Recap

...And to finish it off, here is the very last day recap.  Last Monday, January 31st,  for day 31 I ran the exact amount needed to finish this goal up. 3.25 miles at the work gym on the treadmill. Boom. 100 miles done.

So, now to you!  I know some of you finished the challenge!  And I know a lot of you tried, and maybe at least did more than you would have, which is the main goal!  So to you all - GOOD JOB! Thank you so much for participating, because it kept me honest, and doing it!

Please let me know if you finished the 100 mile challenge and are not on this list!  I will be doing a little giveaway {something small, TBD}to those that completed!

Maggie K.

...Anyone else??

For now I'm going to mix up my workouts: keep some running in there to get ready for spring outside running, yoga, elliptical, I want to get back into Zumba & try other random classes.  But I'll be thinking of another Fitness Challenge for down the line, maybe closer to summer!  If you have any ideas, please share!  Thank you again for participating, cheering along, and/or reading the progress, etc!