Chasing Davies: Exclusive Interview with Lisa M. from The Bachelor

February 7, 2011

Exclusive Interview with Lisa M. from The Bachelor

Hi All! I'm so excited to have Lisa M. from The Bachelor on here today for an interview about fashion from the show and her experience!  If you haven't seen my Bachelor Fashion Posts, you can see them all here

Besides being super fashionable, Lisa happens to also be a friend of mine.  I got to watch all the episodes that she was in with her. Her last episode was last Monday 1/31, episode 5.  She left gracefully, a little emotional and speaking highly of all the ladies.

It was fun to see her on National TV, but also frustrating at times, as we didn't get to see her enough!  I found it disappointing we didn't get to know her better on the show. So, you may or may not remember her that well...  How about getting to know her a little bit more now?

Chasing Davies: How many suitcases did you take with you to film The Bachelor? 
Lisa: Two and a half!

Chasing Davies: I love that you wore a mixture of new dresses and oldies, but goodies.  I also love that the dresses you wore were reasonably priced!  Did you feel pressure to buy new and/or expensive dresses for the show?  Or were you happy with being able to rewear great dresses you already had?  
Lisa: Before going out to LA {to begin taping}, I was on the hunt for great colored dresses for the show. It was actually pretty tough finding the right dresses and decent prices. I found a few new ones that ended up being great, but thankfully I had a couple hanging in my closet I knew I needed to take with me.

Chasing Davies: What was your favorite Rose Ceremony dress you wore? Why?
Lisa: The BCBG green dress because it was different than any of the other dresses the other girls were wearing that night and the color looked so great on TV!

Chasing Davies: Of the other girls on The Bachelor, in your opinion, who was the most daring dresser (most unique, or bold, or trendy)? 
Lisa: Madison had great style. Loved everything she wore. And probably Keltie. She had a unique, bold style and always looked cute.

Chasing Davies: Who was the most similar in fashion taste to you? 
Lisa: Probably Emily or Michelle. We all shared a room together and noticed we shared some of the same things. Definitely same taste!

Chasing Davies: What girl's suitcase did you want to raid the most? 
Lisa: Michelle. Mainly because she had 6 suitcases full of fun, fashionable accessories, shoes, and clothes. Holy Cow!

Chasing Davies: What dress was your favorite worn by one of the other girls on the show? 
Lisa: I loved Michelle's dress the first night.  It was beautiful, long, sexy, and I loved the bohemian look.  Again, I wanted to raid her suitcase!

Chasing Davies: Did you all help get each other ready?  If so, how? 
Lisa: Yes, believe it or not, all the girls were so nice when it came to figuring out which outfit to wear, doing hair, and doing make up. It also helped that we had a hair stylist in the house {Michelle}!

Chasing Davies: Where are your go-to shopping stores (for real-life)? 
Lisa: This is a tough one because I love shopping, I love fashion, I love stuff. Half my closet is Urban Outfitters, so I'll go with that. Urban Outfitters is my go-to!
Chasing Davies: What is your favorite thing to wear/buy?
Lisa:  I love love love shoes. But I am on a kick of buying great jewelry right now. Favorite thing to do is where a chunky guy-watch with bracelets layered with it. I'm digging gold these days.
Chasing Davies: Overall, as much as you can say, how was your overall experience doing this show?  
Lisa: I am very happy I took the opportunity to go on The Bachelor. My overall experience was so cool and unique, honestly no one would even fully understand what it's like doing something like this, until they do it themselves. I met some amazing girls, did activities I never thought I'd do, and even learned more about who I am and what I am looking for. So happy I did it!

After talking to Lisa throughout the season, she echoed my disappointment in not getting to see much of Brad and her connection. Obviously it's a TV show in a 2-hour time frame for a limited number of weeks - and she wished viewers could have seen Brad and her's conversations together more on TV! At the end of the day, it's probably best since this season is dramatic!

Huge thanks to Lisa for answering some questions. If you have any additional ones, please leave them in the comment section - or email me {ChasingDavies(at)gmail(dot)com} and I'll see if she can answer them - but no guarantees. :) 

To learn more about Lisa - you can follow her on Twitter hereAnd my other good friend, Lulu, is Lisa's roommate - she has some "in real life" photos and behind the scene stories over here.