January 5, 2011

Visions of Pink (& a J.Crew Casualty)

Pulling on my favorite stripe t-shirt from J.Crew, I cringed to find a big rip in the arm!  Horrified!  J.Crew should not rip - not one of my very favorite, go-to pieces...

Jenna wears her stripe shirt ALL the time, just like me - has her's come undone?

Well, I was able to cover up the rip with my hot pink (J.Crew via Ebay) cardi:

I mixed the hot pink and a plum/maroon skirt, for a very berry (ha - I couldn't resist) look.  I love these colors together!

I was bare legged w/o tights b/c it was 68 degrees in DECEMBER!

 Outfit Deets:
Cardi - J.Crew via Ebay
Stripe T - J.Crew
Skirt - Gap
Heels - Simply Vera via Kohl's


  1. Funny, but the same just happened to me this weekend and it was the same stripe shirt.

  2. girl, I bet Jenna has TWELVE of those in her closet and just rotates em out as they wear! but I am sorry for your loss-great save though!

  3. Haha, Kitty - yes, very true.

    Rosa - I can't believe yours ripped too! That's bad quality by J.Crew. :(

  4. Oh no! I hate it when that happens! Nice save with the cardi tho!

  5. Oh no! That's such a cute top, too! But I'm sure it should be easy to mend. Quick thinking covering it up with a sweater though...

    And your post about not wearing tights made me laugh...I'm from Southern California, and if it's below 70, I'm freezing. I mean, it is pretty cold here right now {not getting above 50 during the days}, but I wouldn't imagine going out without stockings on. And even now, while sitting at my desk at work, I have a scarf on...

  6. I'm almost proud to say I cover up hole-ridden clothes at least twice a week. Part of me refuses to give up on the clothes & part of me is too cheap to go buy something new. :)

  7. i hate it when that happens. unfortunately, j.crew isn't as nice as they would like to think. when i worked there (about 8 years ago) they had a video on the issue that we all had to watch. it's something they're aware of and the quality of the clothing has gone up drastically but not completely. it's too bad stuff like this still happens. i bet an alterations place can fix it up for ya,

  8. oh no! that's awful. Jenna doesn't want anyone to know, but she has a closet full of those darn tees that she switches out on a regular basis. Even SHE has to see the decline in quality construction and materials.

    That being said, you did a job covering up the hole. One would never know! Great mix of color!


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