January 1, 2011

Sneak Peak into J.Crew Spring 2011 Collection

Happy 2011!  Hope you all had a great evening celebrating.  Let's kick 2011 off with  a sneak peak into what J.Crew has in store for us this coming spring....More sequins, stripes, denim shirts and amazing, unique and creative outfits will still be offered.  Here's a look at some fabulous spring outfits:

My favorite is this second to last outfit - the light washed denim button down with a LONGER pinkish full skirt and belted.  I love the length of this skirt!

J.Crew had tons of minis this year, and I'm really ready for some longer options.  There is a time and place for minis, and paired with tights you can really get away with wearing them a lot, but I like a more modest length and ready for some cute options.

Are you liking what J.Crew is up to for spring?

Found photos here.


  1. Agreed. Some longer, more reasonable lengths would be greatly appreciated. I actually kind like the first look with the denim shirt and long sequin skirt. Perfect work at home attire!

  2. I love these looks! I have the same favorite as you, and I also really like the first one. Love J Crew!

  3. I think I'd totally copy the first one, but with my shorter sequin skirt and a denim button down. :)

  4. What a great reminder that a chambray shirt goes with almost any type of skirt. I won't return that sequin CK pencil skirt after all!

    Thanks for a great post.


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