Chasing Davies: If I Were Shopping...I'd Be Shopping at Boden!

January 20, 2011

If I Were Shopping...I'd Be Shopping at Boden!

I'm doing really good on my shopping band!  Not bought a thing, not even groceries!  Ok, well, groceries aren't part of the challenge...just anything fashion-wise, clothing, shoes, jewelry - anything I don't need to live a proper life (for 1 month)!  And I actually do need groceries.  So I should get to the store, I'm sick of eating Girl Scout Cookies, Frozen Pizza, Apple Sauce and Popcorn for dinner.  But it's snowy out, like really snowy.

Anyways.  If I WERE shopping for the fun stuff - I'd be hitting up Boden's clearance section!!  Have you heard of Boden or shopped there before?  I just randomly received a little catalog in the mail (no idea how they found me), never have heard of them before, I then went online to check out the clothes...and found A LOT I liked. 

They also have tons of great stuff on sale.  It's killing me not to buy...but I did some looking!  Here is what I would buy, if I could.

This wool skirt would be perfect for work and play.  One of my favorite colors!

I LOVE dresses with sleeves, that aren't super bulky for the winter.  This one  looks so comfy and chic:

I love velvet jackets, and this one is so sweet.  How fun it would be to wear all dressed up or with jeans, like shown:

Either way you wear these, rolled up or down, they look so comfy!  I want to sink my feet in these sheepskin boots!

So have you shopped at Boden before?? What is your experience like? You know, for when I can shop again... I'll be coming back to Boden!