Chasing Davies: Fitness Challenge Progress: Day 3-9

January 9, 2011

Fitness Challenge Progress: Day 3-9

Over a week into this Fitness Challenge to run or walk 100 miles in the month of January (31 days).  Every day felt very different and I'm definitely sore and feeling the challenge!  Here is how it's been going:

See Day 1-2 recap here.  I started the challenge by getting 9.5 miles done in the first two days.

Day 3-9 Recap

Day 3 - Did 0 miles.  I took Monday off from any walking or running to do and hour and 15 minutes of blissful, sweat inducing yoga!


Day 4 - Did 4.05 miles pretty quickly (for me).  I did it in 38 minutes, including a couple minutes of walking to warm up followed by a few minutes of slow jogging and then some sprinting intervalled with running on and off for 2 miles.  I then ended with jogging and walking.

Day 5 - Was feeling pretty sore today's sprints and hard running.  Dreading having to get miles in.  My hamstrings tight and energy levels low.  I told myself to at least get into the work gym and get 2 miles in - walking/slow jogging as to not get behind.  So I went in over my lunch break and ended up going longer than I had told myself and got in the daily average minimum:

Day 6 - Took today's run/walk outdoors and ran the 4 mile loop around where I work with 2 co-workers/ Challenge participants, Lulu and Sarah.  We ran about 2 miles and walked 2 miles - we were all a little sore from all this mileage!

Day 7 - Being Friday, and tired from a busy week, I really wanted to skip today.  I wanted to just get through work and go home and relax (aka, lay around and eat junk).  But this challenge kept me motivated to get myself a good workout first.  I just did 3 miles today - at 2.87 miles the treadmill time ended and started me over, I wanted to round it out at 3, so just walked an additional 0.13 to get to 3 miles.

Day 8 - I use Saturdays as my day to get in  a longer run/walk and some mileage under my belt so that I can skip a day!  So Saturday, mid-day, I headed to my gym and aimed for 4.5-5 miles.  A combination of walking to warm up and take quick breathers, sprinting, running, jogging and a 5 minute cool down, I ended up doing 5.25 miles!

Day 9 - In combination of moving stuff all around my house (more on that later this week), I got myself to the gym to hit the treadmill.  It helps to have friends go to the same gym, and try to meet up and motivate each other to come.  And it's also so cold here, so no chance I'm braving the outdoors if I don't have too.  So I did a lot of walking and running today to get 4.45 miles in.

I also got new running shoes this weekend, I replaced my old Mizuno Wave Rider with some brand new ones.  Mizuno Women's Wave Rider 13 Running Shoes:

So this week (days 2-9 of the challenge) I got in 24.01 miles.  Add that to days 1 and 2, and I'm at a grand total of 33.51 miles with  66.49 left to go in 22 days....  How are you all doing???