Chasing Davies: Dress for Less - Anthro Look, part 2

January 7, 2011

Dress for Less - Anthro Look, part 2

Part 2 of today's Dress for Less series: Anthropologie inspired.  Again with the Anthropologie floral dress... but this time I have other options if your wallet isn't big enough for Anthro or the dress didn't quite fit well (a la me).

Inspiration Look:

First, I dug around in my closet to try to recreate this look with what I already own (and my new grey boots that arrived this week).
My recreation of look from the depths of my closet:

 Ok, so not exactly a great replica.  But I already had the dress.  
I should have worn my more solid tights.  
And I love these boots.  They are so comfy and easy.
Dress is from Anthro summer of 2009.

Perhaps my favorite potential recreated look:

Outfit pieces:
LOVE the Dress by Envi from Bluefly;
Navy tights from Charlottle Russe
Boots from Target (push them down to get the Anthro styled look)

And more dress shopping options for you to choose from:

Floral Dresses: Forever 21; Tracy Reese; ExpressBCBG Maxazria

Have you tried on this dress?  Love it (jealous if so), got it (still jealous).  Maybe I'll try it again if it's still avail once it goes on sale. :)