Chasing Davies: Christmas Gifts Galore, Part 3: Bust of Move

January 2, 2011

Christmas Gifts Galore, Part 3: Bust of Move

Christmas time is always a good time to get anything that will help you get up and move.  I got two fun(ny) things that get me sweating!

My hub's parents got me this for Xmas.  And it is so fun! The first time I popped it into the Wii to just try it out, I was thinking I'd do a couple of songs, because it was way past my bedtime.  However, 45 minutes later, I was still dancing.  It's a great workout and pretty funny.  And you can do dance battles... my hubs and I battling:

He I've been practicing ever since!  It was pretty funny.

And speaking of funny!  I picked this little thing up during a family white elephant gift exchange:

I've always been curious about this thing.  The info commercials look funny, as the motion can be taken a little vulgar.  The shake weight dumbbell came with a DVD and a 6 minute workout.  I did it and the next day I was a little sore!  So if 6 minutes/day get my arms a little more into shape, I consider this a success!

Did any of you get anything to get you moving that you love/recommend?