Chasing Davies: The Bachelor Recap: My Fav Dresses

January 6, 2011

The Bachelor Recap: My Fav Dresses

I wasn't very impressed with the dress/fashion choices for the premier of The Bachelor.  There were very few dresses I liked. Obviously I loved Lisa M.'s blue one-shoulder dress and already posted about that one.  But here are a couple more dresses worn by some other contestants that I liked, and similar dress options.

Kimberly, who is still in the game after the first rose ceremony wore a super fun and cute sequin dress:

The skirt part, especially seen as she is walking kind of reminds me of the issues I had with the Jessica Simpson dress I reviewed (here).  But she is little enough to pull it off, and the sweetheart neckline is so feminine. Her dress, I believe, is from Lipsy via Asos (however, currently out of stock):

So since it does not appear to be available right now anywhere are some that are (as I write this post) and similar:

Dress by same brand, Lipsy & similar cut - sequin on top only; Another Libsy dress, all black sequins; Similar in shape and still some bling, silver sweetheart dress; Perhaps not the most flattering pose by a model...but a purple sequin dress if you love the original color; Not strapless, but purple, and cute sequin dress only $41!

And the other dress I liked was Lisa P.'s (not to be confused by my Lisa M.).  Lisa P. did not make it through the first ceremony, so we won't see her again.  But she wore a simple black cocktail dress, with adorable scalloped edges.

You can buy, what I'm pretty sure is her dress via Ebay.  It is by BCBG (Black Strapless Applique Taffeta Dress):

And here are some other dresses that are similar in style:

Miu Miu via Net-a-Porter; John Lewis; Or a very scalloped dress but in red by Violet Muse

Did you have any favorite dresses from the premier of The Bachelor?